MPH Practicum Opportunity Submission Form

To satisfy degree requirements, a Gillings MPH practicum must:

  • Be an applied public health practice experience that addresses a health issue from a community or population (not individual) perspective.
  • Take place in a professional public health setting such as a health department, nonprofit organization, hospital or for-profit firm. To be appropriate for a practicum, university-affiliated settings must be primarily focused on community engagement, typically with external partners. University health promotion or wellness centers may also be appropriate. Faculty-supervised lab settings are not appropriate for the practicum.
  • Allow for the application of graduate-level public health skills.
  • Yield at least two student-generated, practical, non-academic work products (e.g., project plans, grant proposals, training manuals or lesson plans, surveys, memos, videos, podcasts, presentations, spreadsheets, websites, photos with accompanying explanatory text, or other digital artifacts of learning), produced for the practicum site’s use and benefit, that demonstrate attainment of five CEPH MPH Foundational Competencies.
  • Be mentored by a supervisor (preceptor) with public health expertise and experience to guide the practicum work. (See “Preceptor Requirements” below.)
  • Take place in a location approved for student travel (UNC Travel Policy), and the student must complete UNC Gillings International Pre-Departure Travel Requirements prior to travel if applicable.
  • Comprise a minimum of 200 hours (equivalent to five weeks of full-time work).

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Practicum preceptors should have sufficient, relevant experience to mentor the student in the practicum’s project area and provide a meaningful learning experience that supports the student’s learning objectives. We understand that people come to public health from a range of backgrounds.

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Students must produce a minimum of two products in the practicum setting, for the practicum setting that demonstrate attainment of five CEPH MPH Foundational Competencies. The preceptor and student determine the number and types of products a student completes based on the agency’s needs, time constraints, and student interests and capabilities. Multiple students can work on the same practicum product; however, each student must present documentation demonstrating individual competency attainment.

Please select at least two, and up to five, work products the student could potentially work on:

A key part of our mission at the Gillings School is to eliminate health inequities in North Carolina and globally. Using Dr. Camara Jones’ definition of health equity, please indicate whether this practicum opportunity will:

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